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The person who gives me inspiration on a daily basis turns 25 today. The last five and a half years have been a tough time for him but he continues to smile,work hard, and be a good and always loyal friend. Its tough not to think what these six years would of brought for him, for sure a college degree completed by now, maybe a baseball career?, marriage, a child, these are all things that have been delayed or possibly eliminated for him. Then i thought of the alternative, what if the last six years had been void of him. Its an easy way to really appreciate what you have. I owe him thanks for helping me grow though his struggles, because of a tragedy there is a group of friends(most of us for 18-25 years long) that has been forever bonded by the need to stand by one of our own, and allowing that to grow us closer in a way that was never imaginable at the age of 15 when we thought our friends were the most important thing ever. Now we realize that they are important, but more importantly a constant. Never a falter in loyalty to one another, or the questions not asked of being there for one another. I realized not too long ago, that this has made me grow up in a pretty quick way regarding some aspects of life. The cliche's of all things happen for a reason, or its part of a plan usually resonate of bullshit to me, but at times like this (maybe because I look for a crutch) they seem to help lessen the sting, and make things feel better. Life continues to amaze me through ups and downs
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