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The Story Of How We Got To Now (And Then). For Now.
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Hi all,

Well, things pretty much couldn't have changed more from what we thought we were getting into, when we sat down together a bunch of months ago. We were just gonna see if we could play the stuff at all, if it was still fun, maybe play a few shows for anyone that still cared. From that came the weird idea for a fake band name called Hot Little Pony (a whole other story). From THAT came recording the cover of Pony at Shaun's place, just to have a song for our fake band's MySpace page. We passed it around to a couple of friends for fun, and then...

Honestly, we really don't understand what's happened since. We're all sort of catching up, but we know it involves a whole bunch of people hearing our music that never had before, and we know it happened by happy accident, which all feels good. More importantly, the shows since have been fun, and we're getting to know each other in this way again. So, in the middle of Jonah's solo stuff, Shaun's recording sessions, Chris's law firm, and Johnny's rockin' Two Sheds, we're also writing a bunch of stuff that's feeling interesting. Early favorite song titles: 'The Ghost That Kept On Haunting', 'Give Me A Reason', 'Dear Enemy'. Overall, got about a dozen tunes done, we'll be recording them at Shaun's over the next several weeks.

On that subject, perhaps some of you have heard via the internets that we're putting out a record with the venerable Vagrant Records. True and good. If everything keeps going as it has (meaning well and quickly), that will be out for early summer. Also comin up, look out for a 7" (vinyl!) of Pony, backed by an unreleased acoustic version, recorded during an on-air performance for Live 105 in San Francisco. It'll be released in the UK real soon. And of course, you can get Pony now on iTunes too. Beyond that, there's other music for download at along with CDs, t-shirts, etc.

We've got some shows around the west over the next couple months. San Diego and Santa Barbara (with Kings Of Leon!) in May, then Portland, Seattle, Chico and Reno in June. Should be a fun bunch, with more to come.

As we're all catching up to this thing a bit, pardon us while our real site is a little slow being built. Please leave any ideas that you'd like to see tried, we want to hear from you. Also, anyone that has gathered stuff over the years (show dates, photos, videos, anything interesting), let us know. We'd like to make the site a home for that, among other things. We're working on having the site be the main place, but there are other ways that can be fun too: This place, Twitter, Facebook, you know the drill. Find us somewhere, we'll always check it personally and respond as much as we can.

We still have no idea where all this will go, but we like where we find ourselves: playing and making songs together, with nothing to prove and nothing to lose, still curious about what this thing called Far is.

Thanks for listening, then and now.

Jonah De Far

ps - We're gonna start taking turns saying hi, so look forward to regular updates from all of us. Good fun.
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